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Walking in the Air
Walking, go on walking, walking.
If You're feeling moody
Or You're next to be a bore,
Pull Yourself together,
Pack Your bags, open the door,
Leave behind the static reasons,
Feel the wind in Your hair,
Open up to nature's seasons,
Make Yourself aware,
And You'll be walking in the air.
Walking, walking in the air -
You can do - walking, walking in th air.
We are walking, walking in the air
Happiness evoking, uh yeah.
We are walking, walking in the air,
Walking, dancing, joking, being aware.
Walk, walk - are you walking,
Walking in the air? In the air? Oh yeah.
Walking, I'm walking - in the air
- Uh! Yeah, I am walking in the air! Mh.
Yes we are walking...

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