Music: copyright by Samuel & LiLA----------------------------------Words: copyright by LiLA 


Share the Light
Share the light. Shine it thru.
Share the light - being true.
Shine Your light, let it thru.
Shine from inside, from within You.
No more searching. Find what You are.
Find within You what's true.
No more roving. Be what You are.
Be aware. Stay with You.
Share the light. Shine what's true.
Shine what You found inside of You.
Share and shine. Let it flow like a river.
We are one, one in the light.
We are one.  
We are one, one in love.
We are that.
Shine and share. Let it pass,
Wash and clear You.
 Find that light, share and shine.
Let it wash every line.
We are one, one in love.
We are blessed.
 We are one, one in the light.
We are what we found.
Oh, find that light, share and shine,
Let it wash every line.
Share and shine, let it thru,
Let it flow all thru You.
We are love. We shine who we are.
 We are one, one in that truth.
We are found.
We are that. We are who we found.
We shine. We are.
Share the light. Let it thru.
Shine that light. We are one.


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