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On my Way
On my way to Erin,
To the land of Erin.
I set the sails
To cross the sea for Erin.
I am tied to Erin,
To the greens of Erin.
I cross the sea
To find the peace of Erin.
In the heart of Erin
Waits my Love to join me
Drawing me back home
To the shores of Erin.
My Love, I'm on my way -
Erin, my Love.
Angel of water,
Spirit of the waves
Carry me, oh carry me
On Your shoulders, on Your crests
Sweet and safely in Your hands.
Angel of wind,
Spirit of the sea
- Spirits - Take me,
Carry me in Your hands.
On my way, I'm on my way
Sailing on, I'm on my way.
Cold or glow, I'm on my way.
Downwind I sail on Your ways.
In Your hands back to that land.
Sweet winds may blow,
Grace may flow - sweet grace -
Carry us home on our ways.

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