Music: copyright by Samuel & LiLA ------------------------------- Words: copyright by LiLA 


Go Within
Go within, sink within, play within, drink within.
Go within, go within.
There within sleeps a child
Waiting to play with You,
Dreaming, dreaming to play with You.
Oh, sweet child,
Come and play with me,
Play with me.
Oh, my darling,
Let's go and see.
This land is wide, so wide.
We are playing sweet and tender games -
Sweet darling, so tender games.
Go within, deep within, wake within, drink within.
Sweet and precious one,
Let's play our dreams.
Let's play our dreams.
Oh sweet darling,
We all play our dreams
To be home and safe,
Home and safe, to feel safe.
Come home, to be safe.
Go within, play within, drink within, stay within,
Sweet child.
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